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It's in the bag for the Big Issue

Official Big Issue vendors throughout the country will now be instantly recognisable thanks to new, distinctive bags provided by Barclays. In addition to serving the practical purpose of carrying the magazine, the bags are being introduced to reduce the number of fraudulant Big Issue vendors operating under the guise of official sellers, an increasing problem throughout the UK.

Barclays Wealth global outlook 2007

As 2006 draws to a close, most asset classes have been able to achieve positive returns over the year. Even equities are finally seeing inflows from retail investors. Previously, most of the flows had been finding their way into property and commodities. In addition, global output growth has proved surprisingly good, with the strongest sustained period of expansion in over 30 years.

Gilles Lafue Joins Barclays as Senior Technology Officer

Barclays is pleased to announce the appointment of Gilles Lafue as Senior Technology Officer for Barclaycard. He will report to Don Trotta, Barclays Chief Information Officer and started in his new role today, December 18, 2006.