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Barclaycard Commercial launches Total Spend Management

Barclaycard Commercial has today (30th November 2011) announced the launch of Total Spend Management, a new online platform to help large customers manage global business payments, regardless of value or volume.  The new system provides a number of key benefits including giving businesses that work across markets total visibility to ensure all payments across international borders and currencies are managed in the most efficient way possible. 

Green Shoots Triumph as Business Blossoms

A Worcester based orchid growing business has named their new flower after their business relationship manager, in recognition of her support over the last 18 months.

Relationship blossoms at Hollyoak Orchids

You may have heard of a bank manager being called many things during the recent financial turmoil but one Worcester business has decided to name its latest “Orchid” after his Barclays relationship manager to demonstrate the support he has received over the last 18 months. The “Paula Mary” was officially unveiled this week and will be available through branches of Waitrose and garden centres across the UK later this year.

Faith in small businesses to drive economic recovery not misplaced

  • New study shows half (56 per cent) of small businesses are expecting their profits to increase in 2011, driving the economic recovery
  • Optimism is evident in SMEs’ employment plans for 2011 with an expected increase in headcount
  • SMEs in manufacturing, transport and communication, and financial services sectors set to lead the way