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Index reveals ‘Hero Regions’ driving British Economy

The Barclays Business Regional Impact Index, launched today in conjunction with Kingston University, reveals which regions in Great Britain benefit most from the contributions of their SMEs and, crucially, the role they are playing in boosting recovery across the country.

Shoppers heed Bank of England advice to keep on spending

Consumer spending on credit and debit cards increased by more than 9% last month compared to September last year as shoppers heeded recent advice from Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Charles Bean, to spend the country out of recession.

Barclays mortgage lending hits £100bn

Mortgage lending increases by 42 per cent since end of 2007

Barclays celebrates milestone by reducing tracker mortgage interest rates by up to 0.41%

System Error Update

We have conducted a thorough investigation into the issue, which occurred on Saturday afternoon, preventing card payments from being made in some retailers. We have established that the issue was caused by a systems error which impacted the ability to