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Barclays leads the way by providing bank accounts to prisoners

Barclays, in partnership with UNLOCK, today furthers its commitment to the long-term financially excluded by extending its market-leading basic bank account to people nearing the end of a prison sentence, to help reintegrate them back into society. 

Barclaycard Launches Next Generation Online Payments with SmartPay

Barclaycard has announced the launch of Barclaycard SmartPay. This new secure online payment processing system is designed to deliver greater success for European retailers competing with domestic retailers in international markets; reducing fraud and data security risks, enhancing consumer experience and ultimately increasing the number of successful sales.   Developed in partnership with global internet payment and e-commerce solutions expert Adyen, it will revolutionise cross-border e-commerce by offering a simpler, seamless payment experience to consumers.

Barclays cuts lowest mortgage rates

Barclays has reaffirmed its ongoing commitment to the UK mortgage market with a cut in mortgage interest rates of up to 0.34 percentage points.

Out of touch Brits over-estimating their bank balance by £70.73

* Majority of people unable to accurately say how much is in their bank account

* Mobile phone banking users most in tune with their bank balance

* End of week excitement spurs Brits to check balances at 9:49am on a Thursday

Almost three-quarters of UK adults over-estimate the money in their bank account and think they're better off than they really are, according to figures from Barclays. The average amount by which Brits overestimate their bank balance is £70.73, with Londoners being the most out of touch overestimating their balances by an average of £91.62.