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Student and parent perceptions differ widely on how much financial support parents will provide for university

Parents expect to pay double.

With the start of the new university year now only a month away, new research from Barclays has identified a huge gap between parent and student expectations, revealing that students underestimate their parents’ willingness to help them financially.  Over three quarters (77 per cent) of parents are willing to provide financial support to their children, whereas only 43 per cent of students are expecting help.

Britain isn’t queuing

Two minute limit for Britain’s impatient shoppers

Two thirds of us regularly walk away from purchases

One in ten retailers install contactless payments to reduce queue times

Customers stay alert to spending with mybarclaycard

mybarclaycard, the next-generation online account servicing system offered to Barclaycard customers, will now provide free SMS and email alerts to enable customers to keep on top of their spending when out and about.