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Response to press statement issued by Unite

A Barclays spokesperson said: “The way in which our customers access their banking services is changing rapidly. More and more people are choosing to use smart phones and technology for everyday transactions - using branches only when they need access

Britain: the Life Admin Procrasti-‘Nation’

6 million Brits would rather take out the rubbish or clean the loo than tackle life admin

Life admin has always been cause for a good moan, but new research from Barclays Mobile Banking shows that life admin tasks such as paying the bills, booking health appointments or maintaining our cars are some of the nation’s most dreaded pastimes. Our dislike is so strong that nearly 6 million Britons would rather take out their rubbish or clean the loo than tackle life’s to-do list. And it’s facing up to our financial chores that’s creating the greatest dread, with one in five of us (22%) stating paying bills and sorting out personal finance as their most hated task.