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SMEs hit a UK growth ceiling after just four years in business

Barclays calls on UK SMEs to take a more global outlook earlier, as almost half (47%) of exporting SMEs say they wish they’d started sooner

  • On average, businesses are four years old when they realise they can no longer drive their desired growth from the UK market alone
  • Over half (52%) of SMEs give psychological barriers as reason for not starting to export sooner
  • More than four in five SMEs (86%) said they found the experience to be as they hoped, or even easier than expected.

Barclays announces radical shake up with instant business loans

Barclays has become the first bank to take the unique step forward in actively supporting its business customers by ‘pre-approving’ overdraft facilities and loans which help them to make business decisions in the knowledge that funding is available if they need it.

How modern shopping has affected our relationship with retailers

• New consumer study from Barclaycard Freedom Rewards reveals four new modern shopping ‘tribes’
• Introducing the Bargain Hunter Gatherer, the High Street Pounder, the Screen Saver and the Profit Prophet
• Barclaycard Freedom Rewards, the credit card for the modern shopper, shows recent economic and cultural changes have made striking impacts on the nation’s shopping habits