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Barclaycard - integration of its consumer finance loans business

The proposals, part of Barclaycard’s ongoing programme of improving business efficiency and service to customers, will include a full and in-depth consultation period which is expected to end by the middle of March next year.  Barclays Partner Finance provides point of sale and motor finance. 

If the proposals go ahead, around 350 people will be affected in Glasgow, with work anticipated to transfer primarily to Barclaycard’s secured loans business based in Cardiff, and other centres around the UK.  Around 50 roles will be lost in total.

Employees have been informed of the proposals today and Barclaycard will consult fully with staff before a final decision is made.  The consultations will include discussions on the retraining of staff, redeployment opportunities and individual support throughout the process.  Staff will continue to work at the sites for the duration of the consultation period.

Barclaycard is also entering discussions with local agencies to minimise any impact on employees and the local economy.

Neil Radley, Managing Director of International Consumer Lending at Barclaycard, said, “I understand that this proposal is difficult for the colleagues potentially impacted. I am speaking to employees today to explain our plans and tell them we will make a comprehensive package of advice and support available to them if the proposals go ahead. I consider that this is the right strategy in the context of the highly competitive industry in which we operate.

“Barclaycard is constantly looking at the ways in which we operate in order to provide the best possible service.  We are proposing these changes to remove duplication, improve our internal working and ultimately ensure that we are using resources effectively and efficiently.”