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Woolwich launches new 'City Mortgage' as record bonuses start to be paid

‘City Mortgage 2’ is Woolwich’s lowest ever lifetime tracker offset rate. It takes over from the initial ‘City Mortgage’ which offered a nine month discount followed by a lifetime tracker at a higher rate. The lifetime rate will track base rate at +0.34 per cent with an initial rate of 5.34 per cent. Andy Gray, head of mortgages for the Woolwich, said: “As December is the month that the first 2006 bonuses are set to be paid this new product allows customers to immediately offset their bonus against mortgages over £500,000. It makes sense to change the product to a simple tracker at lower rate as this will be of the most benefit to customers. For a city worker receiving a bonus of £50,000 they could save over £100,000 interest and chop 4 and a half years off their mortgage by offsetting.” The ‘City’ mortgage is designed as an offset facility to provide a tax efficient home for this year’s bonus by offsetting it against the loan and reducing the amount of interest charged. The key product details for the ‘City’ mortgage:
  • This mortgage also gives ‘city workers’ flexibility to purchase properties before their bonus gets paid to give them the opportunity to secure the property now before it sells.
  • Fully flexible offset mortgage: overpay, underpay, payment holidays, offsetting balances in saving and current accounts.
  • City workers will get an effective interest rate of 8.90 per cent as a higher rate tax payer, a tax efficient home for savings.
  • No early repayment charge
  • Available to all existing and new customers; with no fees to pay
  • 85 per cent loan to value
  • Minimum loan size £500,000
  • Application fee £995
For further information on ‘City Mortgage 2’ you can log onto or phone 0845 607 1111.